Seal of Authenticity is placed on EVERY piece of artwork.  Click here for larger view...
JRM Arts owner, Jim Mutruxhas a life long awareness of craftsmanship and aesthetics. Pursuing these passions led him to the Kansas City Art Institute and then to choose a career as a contractor, specializing in the restoration of old buildings. Jim finds it tragic that so many of our nation's historic buildings are allowed to fall into ruin and be torn down. 
In particular, he laments the demise of the bas relief ornamentation that gives these buildings their character, charm and style. These irreplaceable works were created in a era of great optimism by old world trained artisans who emigrated to America. With their centuries' old craftsmanship all but gone, Jim perfected a method to preserve and reproduce these beautiful works, insuring the survival of our great cities' heritage. Now these gems of building art can be used by you in creative new ways that add grace and charm to interior and exterior spaces, complimenting the modern with the historic.   Jim is holding the Pan Sculpture piece in the photo to the left. See the Pan Sculpture piece ... click here.  Jim is holding the Green Man Sculpture piece in the photo below to the right.  See the Green Man Sculpture piece ... click here.  
Jim Mutrux has his own seal of authenticity. (See Above)
Jim has this seal placed on most of his pieces. 

JRM ARTS -- Historical Architectural Detail-Restoratio & Reproduction
Sculpture of the Pan.  Jim Mutrux is holding the 21st sculpture creation.  Greek Mythology Sculpture Model Number 300A
Green Man Sculpture ... Learn More (click here)
This photo (seen above) is of the Pan Sculpture. Learn More... (click here)
This photo (seen above) is of the Green Man Sculpture. Learn More... (click here)
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