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Architectural Historical Detail - Art by JRM Arts St Louis Mo
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"Green Man" Sculpture
Top Width:
Bottom Width:
32 inches
22 1/4 inches
12 1/2 inches
8 1/2 inches
A foliate head or mask - a figure of a man's face made of, or surrounded by, leafy branches or vines sometimes bearing flowers or fruit, representing deities of various cultures around the world symbolizing a spirit of nature, growth, rebirth, spring, resurrection.

This figure is commonly used as a decorative architectural ornament on churches and other buildings.  It is also a popular reference in the names and signage of English public houses.  Thought to be a pre-Christian pagan symbol, the Green Man has been adapted by the church as evidenced by its appearance on church buildings dating from the 11th Century through to the 20th Century.
"Green Man" Sculpture
Model Number: 330
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