Historical Architectural Detail Artwork - JRM Arts St Louis Mo
Architectural Historical Detail - Art by JRM Arts St Louis Mo
Copyright 2011 JRM ARTS LLC: Historical Architectural Detail Restoration & Reproduction. Roman Ceres Sculpture St. Louis. All Rights Reserved.

Historical Architectural Detail Restoration & Reproduction
Sculpture Stands Retail Sales St Louis Mo
Sculpture Stand For Sale.  Stand Sold Seperately.  
Sculpture Stand 
Model Number: 310

JRM ARTS -- Historical Architectural Detail-Restoratio & Reproduction
Sculpture Stand For Sale.  Retail Sales @ JRM Arts in St Louis MO.  Stand Sold Seperately.
Sculpture Stand Holding Building Star.  Star Not Included In Price.
A queen is a woman, or a personification of a woman, who is eminent or supreme in a given domain; a female monarch or ruler.  This queen sculpture is sitting on a stand.  Stand sold seperately.  Not included.
Sculpture Supporting Stands Retail Sales -
Each Sold Seperately.  
up to 28 inches high

$35.00 sold individually
This sculpture stand can hold a variety of the pieces at JRM Arts.  Out of pure demand and necessity, JRM Arts built a sculpture stand to hold many of our collection pieces.  All stands are sold as a separate item.  As shown, these three photos to the left display 1.) the Sculpture Stand Alone, 2). The Supporting Star Accent Piece on the stand, and 3.) The Queen Sculpture supported by the stand.  Sold individually, each stand retail is $35.00 for one stand. 
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