Historical Architectural Detail Artwork - JRM Arts St Louis Mo
Architectural Historical Detail - Art by JRM Arts St Louis Mo
Copyright 2011 JRM ARTS LLC: Historical Architectural Detail Restoration & Reproduction. Shell Art Sculpture St. Louis. All Rights Reserved.

Shell Sculpture
9 1/4 inches
17 1/8 inhces
1 1/2 inches
$155.00 (each)
Shell Artwork
Historical Architectural Detail Restoration & Reproduction
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Model Number: 250-A
Found on some homes on my street - this is a motif commonly used in classical Roman and Greek times, and even earlier.  It is associated with Neptune, Venus, fertility, and the pilgrimages of St. James.  It is a beautiful and gracious accent appropriate for bathrooms, fountains, and pools.

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JRM ARTS -- Historical Architectural Detail-Restoratio & Reproduction
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