Historical Architectural Detail Artwork - JRM Arts St Louis Mo
Architectural Historical Detail - Art by JRM Arts St Louis Mo
Copyright 2011 JRM ARTS LLC: Historical Architectural Detail Restoration & Reproduction. Solid Sterling Silver Owl Pendant For Necklace. All Rights Reserved.

Historical Architectural Detail Restoration & Reproduction
Solid Sterling Silver Owl Pendant
1 1/2 inches
1 1/8 inches
1/4 inches
This solid one-of-a-kind sterling silver owl pendant was designed from the original owl sculpture in JRM Art's sculpture collection.  Created on a much smaller scale than it's original, this solid sterling silver pendant will make a great gift for anyone who loves owls, and jewelry alike. 

Jim was given the great idea of creating this owl detail as a piece of jewelry when one of his sculpture customers had fallen madly in love with the original owl sculpture.  After purchasing two of the full sized sculptures, she mentioned that this owl detail would make a great piece of jewelry.  Jim took the customer's advice and ran with the idea. Today, it is the first piece in his jewelry collection, and is in stock and available for retail sales today.    As shown, this solid pendant is sold as is, but is meant to be worn with a necklace.

JRM ARTS -- Historical Architectural Detail-Restoratio & Reproduction
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Solid Sterling Silver Owl Pendant
Model Number: 360
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