Stone wall plaques

Stone wall plaques are some of the most stunning pieces of art a property owner can have. Their beautiful but tough exterior make them the perfect décor to enhance the inside or outside of a home, office, or building. With their unique designs and styles, plaques have been used to communicate several messages to those who come across them. For years, they have been used to communicate the pride and honor of certain people or figures of a culture or religious belief. They also offer striking renditions of symbols that are representational of hopes and dreams of a people. Stone wall plaques are the legacy of immigrants that came to America decades, even hundreds of years ago. Their art adorns some of the most beautiful buildings in the country today, as well as some decaying buildings that are now abandoned and are often ignored by city officials and tourists alike. Some of these buildings are even considered eyesores—something that hurts the people who are overwhelmed by the beauty and effort someone else put into their wall plaques. Jim Mutrux is one of those people.

As the founder of, a website that sells beautiful stone wall plaques, Jim Mutrux became fascinated with the spectacular ways that stones were used artistically. He believed they were full of character and wanted to preserve their charm. In efforts to do just that, Jim went to school to study and perfect the art of preserving and recreating some of the pieces he thought were the most splendid. Today, he sells these pieces to homeowners and business owners alike. With many satisfied customers, Jim has successfully helped spread the appreciation for the art form he so deeply loves.
This art that is carefully crafted on stone is one that used to be exclusively reserved for official buildings or for those who were of political or social importance. Today, this art is available to anyone who can honor it and who wants to truly beautify their house. Because it is available online, all one has to do is visit the website to view all of the dazzling types of stone wall art that Jim produces. 

Upon choosing your favorite one, you can fill out the form with your contact information to receive a speedy response from the JRM Arts team and a quote. With the various kinds available, everyone can be sure to find the wall plaque that is right for them. There are Roman Ceres, nautical- themed plaques, and gorgeously depicted animals like Owls, Lions and Eagles. And while the price of your purchase depends on the size and complexity of the piece you select, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the most for your money. These pieces are not manufactured in bulk, they are carefully and lovingly created to be unique representations of beautiful works that currently hang in some of the most gorgeous buildings in the nation.

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