Historical Architectural Detail Artwork - JRM Arts St Louis Mo
Architectural Historical Detail - Art by JRM Arts St Louis Mo
Copyright 2011 JRM ARTS LLC: Historical Architectural Detail Restoration & Reproduction. Supporting Flower Sculpture St. Louis. All Rights Reserved.

Supporting Flower Accent
6 1/2 inches
6 1/2 inches
1 1/2 inches
$45.00 (each piece)
Historical Architectural Detail Restoration & Reproduction
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Supporting Flower
Model Number : 140-A
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JRM ARTS -- Historical Architectural Detail-Restoratio & Reproduction
In the heart of many US cities, you may notice older homes and buildings which have supporting stars and/or flowers running along the walls.  In these older structures, the beams were strung end to end with very long steel rods, like big bolts running into the beams. The ends of the cables extended through the siding of the house and they attached metal flowers (like nuts) on the end of the strands. The pressure of the tightened flowers increased structural stability. 
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